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DC Tree Felling Company is a team of experts in the tree servicing industry. Highly trained tree fellers to give your trees stunning appearance through the trimming and pruning processes.We offer excellent services to our clients in all areas of the business.  With more than 15 years of experience our highly skilled team gives no room for any  damages to the property. ​We are a Fully Insured company. There is no task that is too big or too small for us to tackle with our well dedicated team.

Our Services

We have been servicing trees for the past decade and half. Covering all areas in the Western Cape region. ​Our Clients are so proud to keep on working with us.


We trim palms to give them an amazing look. The major reason why we enjoy this specific task is to promote healthy growth for the palms. Our team can trim palms into beautiful pineapple shapes. DC Tree Felling has experienced tree fellers who have worked with all kinds of palm trees.


We cut all types of trees regardless of their size. We do what you say. We have all the machinery necessary for the completion of the task. With more than 15 years of experience, we cut trees on electric wires, trees on top the roofs and near swimming pools with no damages to the property. We cut and remove the stumps.


Hedge Maintenance is part of the art we perform. We prune shrubs and trim hedges into shapes of your choice. We care for your privacy. Get in touch with us for hedge planting. We completely remove any old and unwanted hedge to give your home a great appearance.


Trees fall due to several reasons, the main one being that of strong winds and heavy rains. Do not ignore dead branches as they can be a danger to your property. We work 24/7 365 days to insure that we attend to emergencies. Our team is just a call away. 064 112 5130


Our Services are covered by Out Surance.


DC Tree Felling has done an amazing work for me. Professionally, on time and on budget. All with a smile on their faces. We had two very big trees that were very dangerously placed and they managed the operation securely and efficiently. I am very thankful to the team for the way they handled the site, my dogs and engaged with myself. Excellent customer service!

His overall service from start to finish was phenomenal. He was very hands on from the time i contacted him to the the time he finished the job. He was very approachable and he communicated well. He worked very efficiently and he managed to finish the two day job in just one day. I like that during the progress of the work, he kept on engaging me, asking me if everything was being done the way i wanted and if i had any changes. After the work was completed the whole site was well maintained, they cleaned up thorough and it looked as if no work was ever done. The whole service was beyond our expectations. I can confidently recommend their service to anyone

They are definitely 5 star service providers because they were very professional and their work was very good. They came on time and they did their work very efficiently. They came prepared with all the necessary tools and they worked quickly. They also cleaned up the place afterwards. The price was also reasonable for the work they did. I was satisfied with the service and i can recommend him to other people.


We are a group of well determined and hardworking team with high levels of Personal Supervision in all aspects of the business. DC Tree Felling has more than four well trained teams to deliver great services to our clients. We offer Excellent Client service to all our valued clients anytime 24/7. All of our projects are finished in time hence one of the reasons why many of our clients keep on working with DC Tree Felling. ​Connect with us through our offices to get more information concerning us or pertaining to any of your queries or suggestions. We attend to emergencies. We have a team that is always one call away from you. Get in touch with us for we are prepared to assist you anytime.




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